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Michigan District, LCMS
3773 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 734.665.3791
Toll Free: 888.225.2111
Fax: 734.665.0255
Email: info@michigandistrict.org

To contact a Michigan District staff member*, dial 734.665.3791 or toll free at 888.225.2111 and then enter the extension of the individual you would like to reach. To speak to the receptionist, dial "0" at any time.

*indicates staff members who work outside the District Office

Office of the President

Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier

Rev. David P. E. Maier

Email: david.maier@michigandistrict.org

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Assistant to the President
Congregation Mission and Ministries, Metro Zone / Ministry Support

Email: robert.kasper@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x230

Rev. Wayne Wentzel
Assistant to the President - Call List Support

Email: wayne.wentzel@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x238

Julie Strobl
Executive Assistant to the President

Email: julie.strobl@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x233

Laurie Brown
Administrative Assistant - President's Office

Email: laurie.brown@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x255

Barbara Laughlin Adler*
Archivist, Michigan District, LCMS
Archive Page

Email: adlerb@cuaa.edu
Phone: 734-995-7402

Zimmerman Library
4090 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

Acts 2 Enterprise (A2E) Urban Ministry Initiative 

Rev. Christopher Bodley*
Missionary-at-Large in Detroit for A2E

Email: pastorbodley@aol.com

Rev. Steven Essenburg*
Missionary-at-Large - Detroit

Email: urbanrev313@yahoo.com
Phone: 586.228.7911

Worker Care

Rev. Dr. Bryan R. Salminen*, Ph.D., L.P.C., L.M.F.T.

Director of Worker Care

Email: drsal_123@yahoo.com

Congregation Ministries

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Assistant to the President
Congregation Mission and Ministries, North Zone / Stewardship Ministries

Email: rick.wolfram@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x237

Rev. Galan D. Walther
Assistant to the President
Congregation Mission and Ministries, Southwest & Thumb Zones / Family Ministries

Email: galan.walther@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x252

Jennifer Rumberger

Jennifer Rumberger
Administrative Assistant - Congregation Mission and Ministries / Call Lists and Commissioned Workers

Email: jennifer.rumberger@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x262

Chuck Anderson
Youth Ministry Facilitator

Email: canderson@stlorenz.org
Phone: 989.652.0762

Julie Nielsen-Schmidt*
Chaplain - University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor

Email: jniel@med.umich.edu
Phone: 734.936.4041

Lutheran Day Schools

Bruce Braun
Assistant to the President - Superintendent of Schools

Email: bruce.braun@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x258

Carol Williams
Administrative Assistant - Schools

Email: carol.williams@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x247


Debby Fall
Assistant to the President - Communications

Email: debby.fall@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x240

Seth Hinz
Assistant to the President - Web/Media Director

Email: seth.hinz@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x250

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Elisa Schulz
Staff Writer/Copy Editor

Email: elisa.schulz@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x266


Ray Zavada
Assistant to the President - Development

Email: ray.zavada@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x264

Sandy Mastenbrook
Administrative Assistant - Development

Email: sandy.mastenbrook@michigandistrict.org

Phone extension: x265


Chad Woltemath
Assistant to the President - Business / Finance

Email: chad.woltemath@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x239

Donna Conrad
Administrative Assistant - Business / Finance

Email: donna.conrad@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x236

Debra Cameron

Debra Cameron
Event Coordinator / Accountant

Email: debra.cameron@michigandistrict.org
Phone extension: x234



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