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All Pastors' Conference 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 07:00 pm EDT to Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 11:30 am EDT

Boyne Mountain
1 Boyne Mountain Road
Boyne Falls MI 49713


Conference Booklet

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Spiritual Discipline Articles - Written by Conference Committee members:

Event Description: 

Welcome to Boyne Mountain, where we will put into practice what we “resolved” to do!  Resolution 1-01 2012

Have you ever wondered when a  District Convention adjourns how certain resolutions will be carried out, especially when the language used in a resolution says, “that all delegates will be encouraged to…”?

The 2013 Michigan District All Pastors Conference, October 6th – 9th, at Boyne Mountain, under the theme, “They devoted themselves…”, encouraged and assisted our District Pastors in understanding and developing disciplines for their own personal spiritual lives. Dr. Martin Luther in his Large Catechism (15-19 Tappert) challenged all believers to develop specific spiritual disciplines and practices which would promote a God-fearing sanctified life.  It is then our prayer as our pastors learn and grow in this area of spiritual disciplines that they will be able to lead the people of God more deeply in the living of their personal, sanctified lives in their congregations, families and communities.

Which Spiritual Discipline(s) will strengthen you and your people in a deeper relationship with God?

  • Receptive piety
  • Meditation
  • Self-examination
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Fasting
  • Devotional life

To guide our instruction and training in this area, Dr. John Kleinig,  renowned professor from Luther Seminary in Australia, was the keynote speaker. In order to familiarize yourself better with Dr. Kleinig’s teachings, please read his book, “Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today (Concordia, St. Louis, 2008), and/or  visit his website at

The conference provided participants the opportunity for worship, reflect, meditate, and participated in a service project and fellowship in order to be renewed and refreshed as sanctified believers in Christ.


Keynote Presenter

Dr. John Kleinig -

Dr. John Kleinig

Dr John Kleinig has been involved in the preparation of students for ordination as pastors for 25 years at Luther Seminary (which has recently become the Australian Lutheran College) and is now retired from full time teaching. Before he was called to teach at Luther Seminary he worked as a college chaplain for eleven years, first at Luther College in Melbourne and then at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. In last twenty years he has taught in many different Lutheran seminaries in North America, Asia, and Africa. He has also been a frequent visitor to the USA where he has been closely associated with Doxology. The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel and a regular speaker at its conferences.

He is, by training, an Old Testament theologian. And so over the years he has taught courses on the Bible as a whole, on the book of Psalms as well as the wisdom books, on Old Testament theology and on worship in the Old Testament. As well as that he pioneered the teaching of spirituality to pastoral students at Luther Seminary. He has also taught two units on worship, one on its Biblical foundations and the other on Liturgics.

As a teacher of theology he is interested in integrating all the classical theological disciplines pastorally and practically. The focus of his research and writing has been on the theology of worship and on the practice of Lutheran spirituality. His doctoral dissertation was on the function and significance of singing psalms at the temple in Jerusalem as described in 1 and 2 Chronicles. In a commentary on Leviticus he explores how the people of God share in his holiness through their participation in the divine service. While he introduces Christians to the gift of prayer in a congregational study called Prayer: We Speak to God , in order to encourage them to pray with boldness and confidence together with Christ, he investigates the nature and practice of Lutheran piety in Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today (Concordia, St Louis, 2008). This study of the practice of receptive spirituality deals with the disclosure of Christ’s presence with us here on earth, meditation on God’s word for the reception of the Holy Spirit, prayer in the name of Jesus, vigilance in spiritual warfare, and participation in Christ’s holiness in our hidden journey through life with him. Much else of what he has published can be accessed as John W. Kleinig Resources at:

Aged 70, he is married to Claire, a church musician and retired music teacher. He is the father of four children, and proud grandfather of nine grandchildren. His hobbies are fishing, gardening, reading novels, viewing films, and doing nothing.

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